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Detangling Hairbrush

Detangling Hairbrush

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Introducing the Detangling Hairbrush – Your Tangle-Free Solution!

Crafted to effortlessly navigate the trickiest tangles, this innovative brush transforms each stroke into a soothing experience. Its uniquely designed bristles work like magic, minimizing breakage and leaving hair silky smooth and supremely manageable.

More than just a hairbrush, the Unbrush is a versatile companion tailored for all hair types—be it curly, straight, thick, or fine. Its gentle touch effortlessly glides through knots and tangles, offering hassle-free care, making it the go-to solution for everyone's hair care needs.

Unbrush for Effortless Wet and Dry Hair Care!

Unbrush isn't confined by boundaries. It's designed to excel on both wet and dry hair, seamlessly fitting into your grooming routine. Whether your hair is damp or dry, its adaptable design ensures effortless care, making Unbrush the ultimate solution for hassle-free grooming.

Simplified Cleaning for Seamless Care!

Experience easy maintenance with a design that's as simple to clean as it is to detangle. Keeping your Unbrush in top shape is effortless, ensuring that caring for it is as easy as its exceptional detangling abilities.

Where Fashion Meets Function in Every Stroke!

Unbrush isn't just a tool; it's a stylish statement. Its ergonomic design elevates your grooming routine, blending fashion with functionality. Upgrade your style while giving your hair the care it deserves with Unbrush.

Effortless Beauty Meets Sophisticated Design – Where Every Stroke Defines Your Style!

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How to use

Unbox and Inspect:

Begin by unboxing your Automatic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner. Inspect the device to ensure it's in good condition.

Power Up:

Charge the cleaner using the provided USB cable. The rechargeable feature ensures you can use it conveniently without worrying about batteries.

Prepare Your Brushes:

Before starting the cleaning process, ensure your makeup brushes are free from excess makeup residues.

Assemble the Cleaner:

Attach the appropriate brush holder to the device based on the size of your brush. The tool is designed to accommodate various brush sizes.

Add Cleaning Solution (Optional):

For enhanced cleaning, you may apply a small amount of gentle brush cleaner solution to the brush bristles.

Start the Cleaning Process:

Power on the device using the user-friendly controls. The optimal settings of 5V voltage, 8W power, and 1.5A current ensure effective and efficient cleaning.

Insert and Rotate:

Insert the brush into the designated holder, and let the device do the work. The 7000rpm rotation speed guarantees a thorough cleansing process.

Quick Drying Feature:

Experience the convenience of quick drying after cleaning. The innovative design ensures your brushes are ready for use in no time.

Disassemble and Clean:

After use, disassemble the components for easy cleaning. The ABS PC TPE construction ensures sturdiness, allowing for repeated use.

Store for Next Use:

Keep your Automatic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner in a dry and safe place for your next beauty routine.


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